Sunday, February 24, 2008

Doomsday Restricted Preview Clips

Some restricted preview clips have popped up for Doomsday.
And there is not denying that the redband is due!

Watch Doomsday preview clips here below:
(beware: if you're underaged or too sensitive, pass your way!)

Sneaking in aboard a boat.

One should not stay in the way of an armored vehicle...

Drunks Punks using Molotov cocktails!

Scotland and England are known to be the cradle of many Gentlemen...

Human barbecue

This movie is a crazy Mad Max! I would even say Mad Max was a PG13 movie compared to this one! Damned one should not miss Doomsday: gonna be awesome at the theater!

NB: All videos are linked from Doomsday official site.