Friday, October 26, 2007

Doomsday in 2008

Slated to be released in March 2008, Doomsday is an upcoming sci-fi movie written and directed by Neil Marshall. The film is starring Rhona Mitra and Bob Hoskins.

Behind the wall life still goes on in Scotland: gogo bars are still opened ;-p
Here the plot:
Doomsday takes place three decades after a lethal virus called the Reaper nearly wipes out Scotland and causes the rest of the world to wall off the country. When the Reaper begins to emerge in another country 30 years later, an elite team and their leader (Rhona Mitra) are sent to the contaminated landscape of the walled-off country to find a cure. (Source: Wikipedia)

Evil Punks ! ;-p

The barbarous world of this Scotland of 2033 reminds a kind of Mad Max world.

The movie even has evil punks riding damned engines!

That's the kind of science-fiction movie I like! :)